Durian: $20 Singapore Dollars for 5 Boxes

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

Heard the durian season would be over soon, so I got some pre-packed durians (thorny shell is removed). They were S$20 for 5 boxes. I was pleased that I got a discount of S$5 from the original price after a bit of bargaining. The guy selling the durian at this place in upper Serangoon, very near the upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, was nice and courteous. Some durian sellers can be quite aggressive and have cut-throat prices, but he was not one of them. There was a time I bought just one box for S$25, supposedly D24, but it was watery and tasted as bland as boiled potatoes (my partner’s description).

I thought these were not going to be that tasty because they were amongst the cheapest of the range and were not the exquisite D24 or XO ones which cost S$25 a box. Also the flesh was a pale yellow and not the rich mustard yellow which is usually the sign of high quality. The flesh was not very firm, but surprised me by being really creamy and yummy. The taste beat my expectations by a mile.

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