My Mostly Bad Experiences at RK Prata & I Don’t Get Why People Rave About this Place

Usually come if there’s a parking lot right in front of the stall. Just seems convenient. However, service is very inconsistent. Mostly rude, often ignored and you are made to feel invisible, even when the place is relatively empty. There is an elderly man here who is pretty attentive though. This time I was surprised that there was a young guy not in uniform but a black t shirt who was pretty attentive. Could he be the owner? Many of other young people (in uniform) are usually just chatting with each other and seem annoyed when you try to get their attention. A tad intimidating. I thought, ok, progress.

RK Prata in Serangoon Gardens

They did try to revamp the place with chandeliers after another Prata place Sri Sun (wish they had a bigger place with better seating) opened across the road and finally gave them some competition. But chandeliers are of no use if you’re rude to customers. This time I believe we were even overcharged by a few dollars. On second thought, how could two teas and one egg and cheese Prata come up to more than nine dollars. I thought it can’t be but when I looked at some poor reviews on TripAdvisor I realise I must have been scammed.

Crispy style Prata
Teh tarik

I’m not even that fond of the prata here, as it’s the new fangled crispy kind popular with youngsters. I think the young people are attracted by the gimmicky things like the huge milo canisters and that this place is open till the wee hours and there is more room for big groups to gather. The tea isn’t that nice either. Left for too long and there’s a strong acidic, tannic taste. Miss the tea at Tekka or the no name Sarabat stall at Kampong Glam. My partner thinks it must not be easy to work here in such a hot environment and on your feet all day but I think they tend to be nicer to him.

I much prefer the tangy fish curry at Jalan Kayu Prata (recently had this at Tai Seng) and the doughy old fashioned style prata at D’Rubinahs at Sembawang (hard to get parking unless you park at Sembawang Shopping Centre and walk over). The Prata at Mr & Mrs Mohan’s at East Coast is light and fluffy, but sadly the place is not too assessable as there’s often no parking and a long wait for the popular Prata. The tangy spicy fish curry at Sin Ming Prata is my fave. The pratas there are similar to those at Mr & Mrs Moghan’s. At all these places they are so courteous in contrast to RK.

Decided to do a review here again, because I saw comments on Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow’s impressive Prata round up, actually kinda berating him for not including RK cos it’s the best? Seriously? Interesting to read the comments as we Singaporeans tend to be super passionate about food.

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