Anusha is Miss Singapore World 2010

Anusha Rajaseharan isn’t as tall as I expected at 1.69m, but then again this is tall by Asian standards. She’s just 21 years old and a student. The Miss World pageant will be in Sanya China on the 30th of October this year and I hope she does well.

I picked this photo among the many on the web because I think she oddly looks prettier in glasses.  Her 75 year old grandmother, Letchumi, who is ethnically Chinese, I am guessing from the photograph, wept with joy when her grandaughter won.  I think that’s a sweet story.

{Image: Straits Times)

You can read the full story and see all the photos at The Straits Times.

More photos of Miss Singapore Anusha. She’s pretty and has nice hair, but I wish her eyebrows would not be plucked so thin.

{Image: Missosology}

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