Jon Ham Hamming it Up

Thought these were really funny pictures of Jon Hamm and the cast of the Ben Affleck’s new movie The Town.  Mad Men’s ‘The Hamm’ was out in Venice promoting it. Read more and see all the photos at Celebitchy.

Wondering about his height?  Well he’s 5 ft 11 inches which is 180 cm in metric terms. I can only relate to the metric system and I have no concept of feet and inches.  Jon Hamm seems older to me but he’s just 39.  I hope his star keeps shining because he is so likable, but as it is with actors they usually hit their peak for a couple of years and then fade out.  Very few are in the spotlight at all times.  The most enduring and lovable stars for me is Robin Williams and I have been watching him since he was on Mork and Mindy.

The actress with the shoes I am not caring for, is 28 year old Rebecca Hall last seen as the cautious friend in Vicky Christina Barcelona, a Woody Allen movie I really liked.  In case you’re wondering she’s tall at 5 ft  9 inches which is 175 cm.  There’s this super cool site that allows you to see just how short or tall you would look next to your favourite celebrity.  Go try it out at Film Bug.

{Images: Celebitchy}

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