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We Like SG, is a cool micro website where you can input what you like about this tiny island called Singapore.(you can read more about it here), mimicking Facebook’s like function, where you can write what you like about Singapore.  

We like red colours!. We like the laksa. We like to “cheat” when tearing out parking coupons. We like the food here. We like super duper bargains. We like to drive to COMEX despite knowing the fact that there will be no parking space. We like love gadgets. We like to join in the crowd at IT show. We like to eat mooncakes.We like to grow to 5million. We like to be kiasu !. We like to salute our teachers!. We like to wish all our teachers well today!. We like hearing singaporean accents abroad and feeling like home again..

These are the latest entries that are online right now.  It keeps changing each day.  Out of all this I would think the growing to 5 million bit is tongue in cheek?  And the one I like is definitely the laksa, but not just any laksa – the Depot Road claypot laksa.   And cheating with the parking coupons – the risk of adding an additional 10 to 15 minutes seems quite worth the while, so far.  Well it depends.  If you see the parking attendant coming there will be no cheating for sure unless you want to incur a hefty S$50 fine.

More quirky little likes previously seen on the website:

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