My Very First Mobile Phone

I bought my very first mobile phone in 1997. Ericsson phones were top in the market then and I still think the yellow and black design was attractive and I loved flipping it open. It came in blue too. The GF768 beats loads of the models out there today. At that time there was not such thing as texting and no such thing as missed calls which I think was great.  Children carrying cells was unheard of.  People walking about texting was not a problem we could even conceive of then. These days having a phone is like being shackled, so I chose not to use one.

I must admit that when I first got my hands on one I was really excited. It was equivalent then, to getting your hands on an iPad.  Maybe even more exciting.  It was after my colleagues at work persuaded me to get one as they already bought theirs a couple of months ago and I was still carrying the office pager.

What was your first mobile phone? When did you buy it? How did you feel?

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4 Responses to My Very First Mobile Phone

  1. thinkpinktoo says:

    OMG… That was my first phone too in the yellow as well… I have now gone through countless number of phones in the last 11 years or so… ericsons, nokias, LG, Blackberry and now the IPhone…. I tend to break or lose my phones so I’m constantly getting a new one!

    • bookjunkie says:

      I must say…we have fantastic taste 😉 Hey it’s really cool that we picked the same one.

      I went from Ericsson to Nokia and then stuck with Nokia although I was tempted by the slim flip type pink motorolla for a while there. If I could pick an ideal phone today against which the others pale in comparison…the iPhone 4…no doubt about it.

      I am proud to say I have never broken, hardly dropped, or lost a phone as I leave them in my bag and did not use them that much.

  2. 365days2play says:

    My 1st phone was in 2000, and not a minute too soon! I recall it was hell having to meet someone outside without knowing what time the person would arrive, or if he or she were running late. In the early 2000s, Singtel even offered this free 12 second outgoing call, which I made full use of.

    I don’t feel shackled to my mobile phone, because I don’t use it for business or reading emails. I feel safe when I have it with me. Like the time I was locked in a toilet and I used it to call for help? I’m waiting for my Iphone4 and maybe life will change after that.

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