Thinking of My Uncle A Today & Wishing him All the Joy in the World

He looks way younger than his years and I have always admired how he works hard at being active. He has always been adventurous in his youth so perhaps it’s no surprise that he still has the stamina.

He has a lot more energy than me for sure, going on more than hour long walks. Age is truly just a number. And I often have this niggling feeling that perhaps time is not linear.

He has always been a doting indulgent dad, but you can just see the pure love in his eyes for his grandbabies. He would do anything for them in a heartbeat. I am sure they are aware of how they are adored. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

I’m thankful for what a great uncle he is (since I was born, he told me he used to feed me and push me on the swing when I couldn’t sleep) and all the family stories he’s shared with me. I do recall that he was always there in my early years at my grandmother’s house. A constant presence. And as we got older he never hesitated to help us whenever we called. Like that time we accidentally locked one of the doors in our home.

He’s so encouraging and supportive. I truly appreciate those kind text messages. When I’m feeling blue, they always lift my spirits. This is tremendous considering that his generation is not used to texting, as the technology only came by relatively recently for them. Considering that, he’s a very fast learner.

Just wanted to write a post to wish him good health and happiness. I’m always wishing that for him and when I see that he’s happy, I’m happy too.

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