The Best & Most Useful Gift from My Partner

Bose Micro Bluetooth Speaker

I can clip this to my bed post to listen to my audiobooks. The sound is much better than the tinny sound from my phone itself. I try to get the speaker as close to me as possible, so that I don’t cause noise pollution from a too loud audio.

I get my books for free from the library app ‘Libby’. You first need an account with the library in Singapore (in my case). Also free, for Singaporeans. I then connect my iPhone to the speaker through blue tooth.

I’ve used this every night since and it’s extremely and thoroughly utilised. I worry the battery will die, but I hope it lasts me for as long as possible. It needs to be charged just like a phone.

Anyway I’m very grateful for it and appreciate it tons. It’s something I truly wanted, but I was still surprised to get it for my birthday a couple of years ago. Just wanted to record some joy on my blog.

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