Michael Buble Does Justin Beiber! – Not Sexy

Oh no why did he have to do Justin Beiber!  Not sexy! I must admit he does a good impression though, but now he’s probably get mobbed by a crowd of fuming toddlers. What I do love about Michael Buble is that he’s able to laugh at himself and he is just so wholesome and his videos don’t need to have sex and violence.  He’s old school.

Here’s the new video – Hollywood. Good message.  Lindsay Lohan should definitely listen to this one.


I much prefer Buble’s last song though – Haven’t Met You Yet.   I really like songs that he writes himself.  The video was just so fun and the melody was pop perfection.  In that one his pretty Argentinian fiancee Luisana Lopilato, appears.


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2 Responses to Michael Buble Does Justin Beiber! – Not Sexy

  1. Ahhhh!
    I LOVE Michael Buble, and he’s CANADIAN! Woo 🙂
    I’ve never heard his new song yet, and so far I’m lovin’ it! Thanks for posting.

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