Bruno Mars Got My Attention With Billionaire

Oh that voice is amazing


Bruno also co-wrote Right Round by Flo Rida. That’s one song I couldn’t get out of my head after ‘The Hangover’.

Some tid-bits about this rising star who just turned 25 on 8th October:

1. Real name – Peter Hernandez
2. Born and raised in the Waikiki Hawaii
3. He’s Puerto Rican and Filipino
4. Nicknamed ‘Bruno’ by his father, due to him being a chubby baby and there being a famous chubby wrestler at the time called Bruno Sammartino.
5. Big fan of Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.

Here is a clip of an adorable 5 year old Bruno impersonating Elvis in a 1992 movie ‘Honeymoon in Vegas’.


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2 Responses to Bruno Mars Got My Attention With Billionaire

  1. Kirsten says:

    I feel like Billionaire should be Bruno Mars’ song featuring Travie McCoy instead of the other way ’round!

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