Oprah Interviews Michael Jackson’s Children and Grandparents

Michael’s mother reveals that one day he just decided he would get his nose done. Poor Michael felt that he was ugly as a teenager even though his fans would disagree. Concerning his vitilago he told his mother he didn’t want to look like a spotted cow. Katherine revealed that Michael was embarrassed about his surgeries and that’s why he only admitted to having two surgeries. Even his own mother felt that his nose was getting too small and told him enough, but she felt that he got addicted to the surgeries.

Katherine also made an interesting comment that when she first heard Lisa Marie Presley’s voice she thought she was a black girl.


Another interesting revelation was that Katherine and Joe Jackson are not divorced and their say that they don’t fight. A very shy Prince tells Oprah he wants to produce movies and direct. Paris says she wants to be an actress when she’s older. Also the cousins all seem really close.


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