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Seeking Blogs Worth Reading in 2022: Whimsical, Genuine, Uncluttered & Well Crafted

It’s really hard to maintain a blog over the years. Several I have adored have left the scene and sadly been abandoned. They had so much potential too. So here I am seeking some new ones. As I have been … Continue reading

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The Day After

You can feel the presence of our first PM, Mr Lee Kuan Yew ( I see him more as Singapore’s founder and leader than Sir Stamford Raffles) everywhere. I saw these flyers when we were at Little India. You can … Continue reading

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Total Opposite of a Social Butterfly

I don’t like bumping into people from my ‘past lives’ (when you’re old enough you will have this). This imp’s blog post reminded me of it and thank goodness I’m not such a misfit after all. There are people with … Continue reading

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Left my Heart in New Zealand

Visited New Zealand for the first time recently and felt so overwhelmed by her beauty that I just didn’t know how to start blogging about the trip. Been planning to visit this paradise I’ve heard so much about for more … Continue reading

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Exercise & Writing Routines of Famous People

I am very keen on studying routines of famous successful and happy people and trying to emulate them. It’s so often that I start off the day with great intentions but end the day with the awful realization that I … Continue reading

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People Watching in Hanoi

Something I enjoy during travels is people watching. I like to observe the current fashion in the country as well. Just like in Singapore, red seems to be a lucky colour for Tet (the Vietnamese new year). Girls tend to … Continue reading

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Litte India Just Before Deepavali

Now is a great time to visit Little India with the added excitement from Deepavali, the festival of lights. Wrote about my visit at White as Milk.

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