All You Wanted to Know About Kate Middleton

The world is abuzz with talk of the royal wedding. It seems like this wedding has captured the imagination of the world weary from all the economic woes and ready for another fairy tale wedding. B who is never interested in tabloid news was asking me whether Kate Middleton was a royal and I wasn’t sure, so I decided to dig up on some trivia.

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So here are some facts about Kate:

1. Kate’s full name is Catherine Elizabeth Middleton
2. She was born on the 9th of January 1982 making her 5 months older than William, born on 21st June 1982. They are both first borns and Kate has a younger sister and brother.
3. Her parents are self-made millionaires who earned their fortune from their online party-supply company called Party Pieces.
4. Kate met William at St. Andrews University in Scotland, where they both studied history of art.
5. They briefly broke up in 2007.
6. William’s pet name for Middleton is”Babykins,” while she calls him “Big Willie,” according to the Telegraph. The British press had its own nickname for Middleton because of her perceived frustration at her boy’s willingness to commit: “Waity Katie.”

Read more at Philadephia Daily News.

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