Pandemic Fatigue

Without even asking I know that you, like me, are sick and tired of anything to do with the Covid Pandemic. It’s just been going on far longer than we imagined. I honestly thought there would be zero travel restrictions in 2022.

In Singapore we can still only gather in groups of 5 mainly as our healthcare system can’t cope. I can’t imagine being a medical frontliner or a patient right now. But I haven’t seen some of my extended family or friends in ages. Well I guess at least there’s no lockdown – that truly tested my sanity.

Currently I have deep envy of countries where the people have greater freedoms and just more space to distance. I’m longing for the day when cases fall rapidly and we have immunity. No more trace together check ins required at Malls, Hawker centres, theatres, etc. No more nose swab test requirements. No more fear of being stuck in another country if we get the means to travel.

Public notice about covid rules and restrictions

I am also longing for masks to be not mandated. At least outdoors? But if so, I’d probably also feel pretty nervous at first because the fear of catching the virus is still there (if there are further mutations). Yup, very conflicting feelings. I guess anything mandated sucks.

But now the war in Ukraine makes complaining about Covid seem way too indulgent. Just what is happening in the world? Why more bad news. I can’t help but think the little person like you or me is helpless. Power rests with a few (the well connected and wealthy) and they decide everything. In the case of Ukraine just one person, Putin, can ruin the lives of millions. Also I am quite aware that it’s not just Ukrainians suffering but lots of victims in many parts of the world that don’t get as much coverage. Seeing the way the world works, the unfairness, the disparity, makes me feel weary. Covid has further exposed the disparity and basically the poorer you are the more you suffer.

I turn to the superficial (mindlessly being entertained on TikTok) just to numb myself and forget all these serious issues. It can be so utterly draining to feel your hands are tied and you can’t make a significant difference.

I miss pre 2020 life so much. When will we ever have a return to that. I hold on to hope. For us all.

And here’s a little prayer. Let there be peace please. Especially for the sake of the children.

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