Mad Men Star’s Green Lifestyle Includes Not Having Kids

The character Vincent Kartheiser plays on Mad Men, Peter Campbell is probably someone your would not particularly like at your own office in real life. Off screen, he just seems like a really down to earth interesting guy.

{Image: Official Mad Men Site}

“I’ve been a vegetarian for four years and I have chosen not to have children, which are both green choices in my life,”

In a baby obsessed Hollywood (babies are becoming the new must have accessory), Vincent recently shared on MSNBC that for him, being green includes being a vegetarian, not having kids and not owning a car which I think is just so refreshing.

“They’ve done a study and they’ve found that people under 30 no longer view cars as status symbols or even positive things,” Mr. Kartheiser said. “They look at them as pollutants.”

“I like that my life slows down when I go places,” he said. “I have all these interactions with the human race and I can watch people living their life and not just in their car.”

Read the full article at The New York Times – A Mad Man Among People.

After reading the article I have a totally newfound respect for him. It’s reported that even his home is small, simple and minimalist. I hope our city would be even more connected, so that taking the bus and MRT would be a whole lot easier. It’s pretty great right now with the new circle line in Singapore, but I’m sure it’ll just keep getting better.

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2 Responses to Mad Men Star’s Green Lifestyle Includes Not Having Kids

  1. floramoreno says:

    I simplified a lot of things when I moved here, partly out of necessity and partly out of sacrifice, and I can honestly say that less is more.


  2. bookjunkie says:

    That’s so true. I found the best way for me to simplify and de-clutter is when I move house, especially to a smaller place..I’m then forced to get rid of non essentials. I then found out all the stuff I was keeping that I don’t really need or have completely forgotten about that’s just really occupying space and collecting dust.

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