Who is Julian Assange?

I have been seeing news about Wikileaks and Julian Assange splattered over the headlines and the internet. Curiosity made me seek out videos on him. The whole picture is still not clear to me. To some he’s a hero, and others a threat. Julian Assange (not his real name I think?) sees himself as a whistle blower. I like the idea of journalistic truth, but not if good people get hurt as a result. I just don’t have enough information to make a decision. The little amout of information I have on the topic makes me feel like a bit of an airhead.

What I know is that the Wikileaks chief brings focus to our new world where the internet rules and nothing is really private anymore. Even if a website is removed links have already been shared with millions of people through email, Facebook and twitter – how would you remove all those sources. It’s mind boggling how fast information spreads. The Nerds or Geeks are definitely ruling the world. All those 90’s movies about the revenge of the nerds are coming true. He makes FaceBook founder’s Mark Zuckerberg (the original geek genious) look like a lightweight. It also makes me wonder what a Julian Assange world with no secrets and total transparency would look like.


He has an interesting face – a mix between Anderson Cooper and Neil Patrick Harris. He is definitely intriguing to me. It’s like a George Clooney political movie come to life.

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