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When My Faith is Shaken

When someone I think is highly intelligent, like Ricky Gervais, talks about evidence and no proof there is a God I feel horrified as I listen, because I don’t want to agree. I don’t want my skeptical brain to concur. … Continue reading

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I’m writing in an uninhibited manner. More so than I’ve ever done before as 52 approaches. If not now, then when. Isn’t it time I stop caring what people (who are not even in my life anymore) think. They won’t … Continue reading

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Writing & Discomfort

Often after publishing something I feel strongly about, I feel really insecure and uncomfortable. I worry that it’ll be taken the wrong way. I also hate being judged. But that’s part of honest writing. You have to take the brick … Continue reading

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The Kind of Writing I Value

1. Write their truth without censuring themselves for fear of causing offense. Which is why I admire the brutal honesty of Paul Theroux and V S Naipaul. I wish I could be that brave but I’m constantly holding myself back. … Continue reading

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Who is Julian Assange?

I have been seeing news about Wikileaks and Julian Assange splattered over the headlines and the internet. Curiosity made me seek out videos on him. The whole picture is still not clear to me. To some he’s a hero, and … Continue reading

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Cartoonist Who Tells The Truth

Alex Noriega is a 29 year old cartoonist from Barcelona and I think he is a genious! Check out his wonderful blog, Stuff No One Told Me with the cutest, strangely motivational illustrations. These are some of my favourites.

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