Twins with different birthdays and birth years

I find twins fascinating, so here’s a twin birth story for 2011. When they grow up, I’m sure at some point, the sister will lord it over her brother with, “I was born a year before you”.


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10 Responses to Twins with different birthdays and birth years

  1. Q says:

    Wow. I mean, what are the chances?

  2. Happy New Year.

    Goodness gracious, you have to give me your secret how you upload so many images. I’m uploading one at a time and it takes a minute each. I must be doing something wrong. Help!

    Well, anyhow, thanks SO much for being so entertaining. Hope your New Year is fantastic.


    • bookjunkie says:

      to be honest Julie it can be tiresome and sometimes I get weary of it. What I do is upload all at one go to the media library (takes about 30 sec a photo) and then upload them into the post one by one. then it takes about 10 secs to upload each. Wish I could select a whole lot at one go from the Media Library. Maybe WordPress will have that feature some time in the future.

      It makes it all worthwhile when I read your kind comments and affirmations 🙂

  3. kierstens says:

    and maybe when they’re much older, the brother will hold it over the sister, “yeah…but i’m still younger than you!”

  4. Kate Swift says:

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