Babytard in Singapore

photo by bookjunkie

Well not quite the cutie Babytard herself, but the CD cover of the new Some Kind of Trouble by James Blunt. Shaytard vlog fans will know what I’m talking about. I put on James Blunt’s latest music to make cleaning and organizing not too boring and dreary today. That could be a new tactic, clean for as long as a song plays each day. I am not as ambitious to say clean as long as the CD plays right at this moment. Once I’m inspired though I can become a spring cleaning fanatic.

There’s this little shop at the ground level of Chinatown where a little elderly lady sells English CDs for about S$3 lower than prices in town. This CD which cost S$17.50 would cost S$19 or S$20 in town.  She can do it probably due to lower rental costs.

I haven’t got a CD in years, but I got this one because in the future when Babytard is grown up and famous this will be worth loads.  I think my then it’ll be an antique.

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