Blog Tip of the Day: Key Words vs Clever Words

There was a time when I wondered what the heck SEO meant.  I loathe technical jargon.  It always puts me off.  I’ve since found out it stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s really important if you want more traffic for your bog that you put so much tender loving into.  If there are no readers and comments, blogging is just a little less fun.

But since I’ve been in the blogging world since 2006, getting my training wheels on Blogger and discovering the joys of WordPress in 2010, I leant about what makes your traffic go up.  I used to never put much thought about the title and how that would affect whether my post would be found by a potential reader.  One day as I was doing my own searching, it dawned on me.  When I wanted to find out about Marina Bay Sands, I would type in these keys words and google it and not ‘cool ship building’ which were probably get lost in the interweb. Examining my statistics and how sites searched certain words to come to a post confirmed this.

But on other days I feel like I am being a sell-out.  I want to have a title that’s clever and witty.  I want it to have punch and sass.  Aren’t all bloggers, yearning writers at heart.  I guess I will just have to find a middle ground and not become too boring with my titles.  That’s why WordPress is so great. It rewards creative posts with quirky titles that would otherwise not be found on a search engine like google.

This was my tip for the day and I hope it helps.  Happy optimizing.

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  1. I am 99% sure that if you include the “key words” in the first few words of the blog post it’s just as beneficial to SEO than if you include your key words in your post title.
    In my former business (decorative artist) my SEO was pretty good and the way I did it was tagging all my photos with my key words (for people to find my business it was “Atlanta decorative artist painter”) I also always made sure that I included the words “Atlanta, painter, artist” in the first sentence of as many blog posts as I could. I have no formal training in SEO, it was just trial and error and learning from others. I had pro’s asking me how I did it, because I was one line away from page 1 of google, and it really was just perseverance, and constant posting.
    So keep your crafty titles!

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