I consulted Kaho’s Blog before my Trip to Saigon

Before I went to Ho Chi Minh I was so lucky to stumble upon Chuzai Living by the stunning Japanese blogger Kaho who lives in Jakarta. She recently visited Vietnam with her two beautiful little girls. Because my trip was during Tet, most shops and attractions were closed, but you must check out Kaho’s blog if you plan to go to places like Ben Thanh Market.

I tend to be a bit claustrophobic in markets like Chatuchak in Bangkok so even if it was open I wonder if I would have braved the layout which is described to be like a rabbit’s lare. I can’t even take the stuffy market which sells fake goods located in Bugis in Singapore. But now I wistfully look at Kaho’s beautiful photos of the fruit and silks and recommend that if you’re not claustrophobic, definitely go and enjoy. Especially if you’re a shopaholic, brings loads of Dong (Vietnamese currency – 2000 Dong is about US$1).

I love consulting blogs when I travel, especially those with gorgeous photos and useful tips. It’s also wonderful when the trip is recent and the information fresh. It’s interesting to me how each of us sees different aspects of a place. I was longing for the rambutans featured on Kaho’s blog, but I guess I would have needed to venture out further to get these. Kaho makes me want to travel to Hanoi as well which looks even more spectacular with it’s natural beauty.

Tour Recommendation in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City ☆ Reunification Palace & Ben Thanh Market This is going to be my last post about the most recent trip we made to Vietnam. Phew! I wanted to show these two places to those of you who might make a trip to Ho Chi Minh City in the future and those who might not have a chance to visit there, but would be interested in seeing what Reunification Palace and Ben Thanh Market in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City look like. Basement Equipment Used During the War Upper Levels Reunification Palace was the home … Read More

via Chuzai Living

Here’s another wonderful post about Saigon which I just need to reblog, so that more people could enjoy it like I did.

Travel Photos ☆ Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City COLORFUL SAIGON CHINA TOWN Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) is only 3-hour flight away from Jakarta. Vietnam was fascinating. Saigon is so vibrant, energetic, and noisy. You hear cars and motorcycles honking all the time. People talk loud on the street. Comparison between Saigon and Jakarta (Since I currently live in Jakarta, my point of reference has shifted here. Please note that I have never been to other Indonesian cities other than Jakarta.) -Women … Read More

via Chuzai Living

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4 Responses to I consulted Kaho’s Blog before my Trip to Saigon

  1. Kaho says:

    Thank you soooooo much for featuring my blog! You are the first one who featured me! Thanks!!!! I was so excited to see my blog on someone else’s blog. Thanks also for such sweet words. They mean a lot to me!!! Hugs, Kaho

    • bookjunkie says:

      I truly loved your blog at first sight Kaho!! Your photo spreads seem like out of a magazine. Your commentary feels so personal too. It’s brilliant and more people should discover Chuzai Living 🙂

      • Kaho says:

        Thank you so much! You are so sweet! Your words encourage me very much! I wanted to add that I went to Vietnam with my husband as well. I don’t put snap shots of my husband, so there are not many photos of him (hardly mine either), so maybe that gives a wrong impression, but he was a big part of this trip!

        • bookjunkie says:

          I kinda figured he went with you too. I tend to be camera shy myself 🙂 I adore seeing photos of the girls. Their reactions are priceless. Somehow children truly know how to experience the joys that we have forgotten. I love how they get so happy over little things.

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