Tasmania Trip 2019 Day 5: 4th February – Beauty of Nature at Mount Wellington & an Amazing Brunch

I’m blogging about a trip that took place before the pandemic for three reasons. 1. To re-live the beautiful experience, and 2. perhaps someone out there may find the information useful if they are lost on which state in Australia to visit. They may even be Australian but never ventured out to Tasmania.

Singapore is just too tiny though, so if I don’t get to travel I feel very claustrophobic after a while. I feel like I’m not fully living. At the same time I’m picky as I want to travel to places with clean air and dread polluted or high crime places. Tasmania is a paradise in this way. Looking at the pictures I can almost get a whiff of the sweet air.

3. Just to intersperse the posts which may sound negative with some that are pure gratitude and joy. But personally I think it’s healthy to share no matter what anyone feels may be negative. There’s too much toxic positivity out there. Toxic in the sense that it stops you from sharing and offloading your truth which always helps.

Grateful to our wonderful young guide who is obviously a nature lover. Glad my sister found him on the internet.

A very leisurely drive and he took us right up to the most beautiful spots. Great for my mum who is not too steady on her feet especially at steeper gradients.

The long clouds reminded me that we are pretty close to NZ
I always trail behind as I love taking pictures for memory

And then we were treated to the best brunch ever at the summit. I prefer simple food like this. So good.

The nicest lady
Best pie ever
My sister loved the banana bread
Shared a latte with my mum

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