Pasta Fresca at Bukit Timah

We tend to return to the original Pasta Fresca at sleepy old Bukit Timah, whenever B hankers for the freshly made pasta here. This place was started way back in 1988 by a very friendly chef, Carecci Salvatore. I remember seeing his smiling face at the restaurant when I was a teenager and my aunt used to bring me here. He actually used to be a deep sea diver and was a late bloomer in the restaurant business at 35 although he’s always loved cooking. There’s a full interview here which I found interesting.

The portion sizes used to be so huge that we could not finish what was on our plates, but in an effort to save cost (as we suspect) the portions have now been almost halved while the prices have increased by at least 30% over the last few years. Still, we return as the quality entices. Also there’s just so much bad fake pasta out there that we always return to the tried and tested.

The ambience is nice, and the waiters professional, but the air-conditioned section of the restaurant is is rather cramped and B was complaining as he was seated next to the fridge that was giving off hot blasts of air. Not too comfy. We could have moved to the non-airconditioned section of the restaurant, but that may have been worse with the Singapore heat.

pasta fresca

photo by bookjunkie

Peering into the non-airconditioned section.

pasta fresca

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

B had the pappardelle carbonara. The creamy pasta is always so good. Just perfection. Although I guess, someone who has tried the real stuff in Italy may disagree. I haven’t, so Italian food in Singapore is still good for me.

pasta fresca

photo by bookjunkie

I tried the lasagna – crespe tomato. I still think the creamy pastas are the best.


photo by bookjunkie

More food porn.

photo by bookjunkie

There used to be free parking here, but no more.

photo by bookjunkie

Our Bill:

Pappardelle with Carbonara sauce: S$17
Crespe Tomato: S$18.40
Total: S$41.70 (with service charges and GST)

Pasta Fresca
Bukit Timah Road
Blk 833 Royalville
Singapore 279 887
Tel: 6469 4920

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6 Responses to Pasta Fresca at Bukit Timah

  1. Kaho says:

    Love Italian food. Pappardelle Carbonara looks very good!! The lasagna looks like it’s made with crepe. I’m sorry B had to sit next to the fridge! That hot electricity generated heat is very uncomfortable. It looks like you had a good time though!

  2. whatsaysyou says:

    Hey bookjunkie, as a pasta and pizza fan I want to say thanks for that lovely review on this place. Are there any other pasta places around Singapore besides this one? 🙂

  3. Crystal says:

    I know where I’m taking Ravi for a surprise date.

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