Papa Palheta

Be prepared that Papa Palheta is not really a cafe. You might feel a little out of place if you think that it is. It’s a totally different concept from what you would be used to. It’s pretty artsy and there are people sitting around chatting. The baristas here are truly passionate about coffee, but this place is all about the beans and the selling of the beans.

I thought I spotted a famous Singapore writer when I was there. Anyway the coffee here is really good and you’re free to tip as you want so I put in S$5 into the tipping container.

It’s was pretty hot in here as the air-conditioning is not very strong and I guess because there were so many people in the small space. Some people were sitting out in the hot sun, but that’s out for me.

I must say the coffee is so good I wish there was a way we could buy it take-away. Especially since a lot of us wish we had, but don’t have expresso machines at home. Yes, an espresso machine – definitely on my wish list.

It’s so secret that there’s no front entrance. You enter by the back which is next to old colonial houses.

photo by bookjunkie

Just look out for Hooper Road. One good thing is that parking is free, if you can find a lot. Once word gets out about this place, parking may be limited.

photo by bookjunkie

Another landmark is the Shell Petrol Station.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

I found this residential estate really pretty. Rental must be sky high.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

I thought the flamingoes outside this house was a cute touch.

photo by bookjunkie

Here are a couple of reviews about the place that I liked:

Wallpaper magazine
Food Wine & Travel

Closed for roasting on Mondays. Tue-Fri 9am-7.30pm; Sat 9am-9pm; Sun, public holidays 9am-7.30pm. 140 Bukit Timah Rd, Hooper Rd entrance, behind Shell petrol station

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4 Responses to Papa Palheta

  1. Wow this place looks so secretive that I can’t wait to check it out! Do you remember what are the prices like?

  2. sophie says:

    Wow, you really make me want to visit this secretive place 🙂 i really like quiet corners to read a make, and the smell of coffee just tops it off! thanks for sharing how to get to this place…

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