Singapore Food Trail: An Attempt to Capture the Past

I expected much more from the Singapore Food Trail which is the latest food attraction at the Singapore Flyer. At first glance I was impressed, as I am by anything novel, but after my inspection I was left wanting more. I must say though that the old furniture and weighing scales were cool and did bring back memories.

This room harkens back to a time when tiled walls were a luxury and used for living rooms. And to think these days tiles are only used for bathrooms. I also recall a time when bathroom floors were as plain as skillfully smoothened out cement.

typewriter fan

photo by bookjunkie

60's Singapore

photo by bookjunkie

old scales

photo by bookjunkie

B remembered that the first TV in his home looked just like this one.

old TV

photo by bookjunkie

Honestly, I would have been totally blown away if just two small items had been included. I have been yearning for years to just catch a glimpse once again of the triangular shaped Daisy Milk carton which has been out of production for years and the Magnolia Strawberry Milk in a bottle which to me was the best tasting milk as a child – it tasted like a very light milk shake and was just out of this world. I guess I was just expecting too much.

I did like that the F&N drinks in a bottle were included. Every Christmas at my cousin’s house and the one fancy Chinese Wedding dinner I attended has F&N Orange – a lovely fizzy soda in a glass bottle. I recall that my sister loved Miranda Strawberry which was also in a bottle. I used to drink Sarsi out of a bottle as a kid and it was so good on a hot afternoon. Just not the same from a can.

bottle drinks

photo by bookjunkie

I was too young to experience ice balls, but I recall my mum telling me that theses were eaten messily tossed from one numb palm to another. It’s all very sanitized now. Also I suspect the ice balls were not that huge then.

ice ball

photo by bookjunkie

B was also excited about this old bird’s nest poster which he recalled seeing as a small child. Although the drink that was sold then probably had more agar agar (hard jelly made from seaweed gelatin) in it than real bird’s nest.

bird's nest

photo by bookjunkie

I posted a food review of the Singapore Food Trail, at my other blog, Tiny Island.

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6 Responses to Singapore Food Trail: An Attempt to Capture the Past

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  2. Al says:

    I was here 2 weeks ago! Loved the food and the ambiance 🙂 Kudos to the founder for introducing old Singapore to all 🙂

  3. Al says:

    Speaking of novel dining experience in Singapore, I tried floral cuisine in a tiny cafe somewhere near Chinatown. The food was marvellous and you would never believe how delicious flowers could be 🙂

  4. Miso says:

    I loved drinking from the triangular-shaped Milk carton when I was young too! A pity that it is no longer in production.

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