Uniquely Singapore Magazine: 8 Days

Even though Her World has been voted as the top magazine by marketers, my pick is without a question 8 Days. I think Her World is filled with too many ads and things I can’t afford or have not much interest in. Anyway 8 Days is just S$2 and you can look forward to a new issue every week which means the news is pretty fresh. It’s a wonderful mix of local flavour combined with international celebrity news. I look forward to the food, travel and blog reviews and the writing style is engaging, irreverant and hip. I don’t always agree with their food or movie reviews, but they always keep me in touch with Singapore’s latest offerings. If you’re away from Singapore, this is one thing that will make you feel closer to home.

In the latest issue, I was surprised to see how sophisticated one of our local actresses Sharon Au has become. She returns to Singapore after 5 and a half years in Japan and can you believe she is 36? She hardly looks past 30. Our local female celebrities must have found the fountain of youth or something, because they all look so youthful. It’s so unfair.

photo by bookjunkie

On another note I was looking forward to 8 Days covering the elections with their tongue-in-cheek wit. It’s a pity they haven’t done it yet.

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