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I find myself talking more and more about the elections and the personalities that have emerged. But Singapore Actually is not a political blog. It’s just a space for me to talk about whatever is consuming Singaporeans at the moment, and for the moment it happens to be politics.

You see the elections are around the corner and, because they only take place once in 5 years I am sure you can understand how our passion has reached it’s peak during this time. In the coming two weeks I think it’ll hit fever pitch with all the electrifying rallies and especially with ‘a lighter touch’ on social media this time.

I also hope the blog captures the Singapore spirit….what it means to be Singaporean. All the things we are proud of and the stuff that annoys us with a little splash of golden nostalgia added.

I hope that anyone dropping by here gets a little flavour of what it means to grow up and live here.

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Blogging about life in Singapore & recently cancer too.
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