Thought I’d be More Excited about the Royal Wedding

I really thought I would be. I was so excited when the wedding of William and Kate was announced. But perhaps it’s due to local issues like the Singapore Elections consuming me with all the new personalities. It’s just so electric. But I think it’s also more because nothing can beat watching the magic of Princess Diana on TV as a child. She was just like a princess come to life for a little girl. Better than a barbie doll. And that ivory taffeta gown took my breath away. Oh and that Tiara on her pretty head.

She was so sweet and shy. Just a kid, as many people forget she was just 19. Actually way to early to get married especially with Prince Charles being 13 years older and in love with someone else. Diana will always have my sympathies. In comparison Kate Middleton is 29 and almost the same age as William. At least there will be no generation gap there.

Diana went on to capture the imagination of the world, with her inner beauty shining through. I find that I just can’t rave enough about her.


I hope I do get to watch the wedding of her son William and Kate which is supposed to be telecast from 3 – 8.30 pm at night on Friday. I am most curious about the gown. It’s always lovely to see what the bride will wear and to view her radiance.

Where were you when Diana got married?

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8 Responses to Thought I’d be More Excited about the Royal Wedding

  1. Maria says:

    The tv coverage starts here at 3 a.m. I won’t be watching this time around. I was only a few years younger than Diana when she got married, which is the only reason I can offer for getting up at such an ungodly hour!

  2. It may be because the “modern-ness” of William and Kate: older, college buddies, the young adults identify with them etc. In comparison, like you said, Diana was only 19. It really was like she was a princess in a story book being swept off her feet by a “wiser and older prince”.
    There was a very interesting program that my daughter was watching (she is getting bitten by the royal wedding bug) and they showed the entire wedding of Charles and Di with subtitles telling interesting bits of info. Like how much things cost, what Charles and Di whispered to each other at the altar, all the details of what the royal family was wearing etc.
    You can always wait for the DVD to come out!

    • bookjunkie says:

      that program does sound interesting. Diana had a magic quality about her and I guess perhaps I looked up to her in fascination as this live doll. Now I am much older so it’s different.

  3. Ishar says:

    I have no idea about Princess Diana’s wedding, I come to his earth later. 😀
    People are not getting married in April month in here, becoz of our traditions etc. They mention month February isn’t good coz of short month (28 days) and month April isn’t good either,( marriage life will not last for long or full with troubles ect), so most of people are skipping the month April here. Month May is the best wedding month! (My sis is getting married in this May too.)
    Anyway wish them good luck with their new life!

  4. whatsaysyou says:

    Great post 🙂 My parents witnessed the tv broadcast of Prince William’s parents’ wedding 30 years ago (which was 2 years before I was born). 30 years later, now the world will witness the royal wedding of England’s future king and his bride. Once more, the world will not be just in standstill only but also witness a new era in the lives of Prince William and Kate M. If only Princess Diana is alive to watch her boy wed as well as knowing that he has grown.

  5. Marya says:

    I was 5 years old then, the year Di got married. 🙂 No wonder I never got the whole Diana obsession thing. Definitely relate to Kate& William. I think she made a gorgeous bride. People keep saying her dress was perfect, I think she could have worn anything (almost) and people would have said the same. I didn’t watch all of it, just caught bits n pieces. All good.

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