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Back when I was a kid a miniseries I watched on TV about a little girl left me unable to sleep for weeks. The child was so abused by her mother that 15 other personalities emerged as a survival mechanism. She was not aware of the other personalities. and they appeared as blackouts to her where she experienced lost of time.

Recently I read the book and it was just as horrifying, years later. The fact that it is a true story of survival, will break your heart and make you so angry that such cruel parents exist. It was a story based on Shirley Ardell Mason. Her’s was the first case of multiple personality to be analysed.


Sally Field was so talented and she did a brilliant job in this and many other roles.

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  1. This was one of Sally Feild’s greatest roles, I think. I agree she was just brilliant!
    I was doing some reading about multiple personalities once and an amazing fact was documented with one person (can’t remember the name) where one personality was allergic to nuts and would break out in hives when he ate them, and the other personality wasn’t and could eat nuts no problem! The brain is an amazing organ!

  2. I saw that movie when I was young and it seriously freaked me out! Crazy, huh? Poor thing. I remember having read the book too. Creepy.

    Thanks for the little scary chill!


  3. whatsaysyou says:

    Sally Field is talented and the story of Sybil does open up about multiple personality disorder which not many people have no idea about it or see it so taboo.

  4. carrotoh says:

    ooooooh…… i want to get the book already….

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