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Something I Wrote on Medium. Hope you’ll read it there.


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Feel Like I Have Nothing Significant to Share Right Now

It is why I hardly write. I only write when I feel the compulsion. It can’t really be forced especially with regards to matters of the heart. Also I am now extremely self conscious about the oversharing I did shortly … Continue reading

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Thankful for My Anxiety for One Reason

I never ever thought I’d actually be thankful for my anxiety. But there’s one reason. It confirms that I’m not a psychopath. If you can’t tell, I’ve been watching a lot of true crime. I’m fascinated by what would prompt … Continue reading

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Were there Tasks You Hated Doing as a Child?

I’m asking myself questions and often I go off on a tangent, but that’s my purpose. My method of jogging my memory before it all fades. For me, as I was not made to do any chores, it was mostly … Continue reading

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Greatest Fears as You Age Relate to Lack of Autonomy

1. Loosing those you can’t bear to live without 2. Loosing your autonomy and thus freedom. Being controlled by someone else (worst of all a stranger who is given power over you) due to lack of finances or physical strength, … Continue reading

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Why I Always Reach For Food

Wish I didn’t succumb to this, but I do, I always do. The lure of tasty food. I eat especially when I’m upset or often when I’m bored. Always for a celebration. Food makes me so happy and it’s what … Continue reading

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Anxiety: Why Am I Wired This Way?

My brain has been wired by trauma to always think of the worse possible outcome, so that I can be prepared. I’m constantly in fight or flight mode. It’s a terrible state to be in and I wish I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Quelling the Naysayser

Every time I gain a bit of confidence and actually feel I can turn my life around, I’m thwarted by the naysayer in my head. It takes a huge effort to silence that voice. The voice tells me “You’ll never … Continue reading

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Were Things Really Better in the Old Days?

Wrote more about my childhood. Hope you will like the post I wrote some time ago and will share your thoughts too. In all honesty, still feeling really down and finding it tough to write about temporarily happy occasions. Been … Continue reading

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I am Living

Heart wrenching tale by a very brave survivor of unimaginable childhood trauma. Wish I could say or do something to erase her pain. Just want to share her blog, I am Living This brave woman needs all our empathy and … Continue reading

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Abuse of Elderly Patient at Singapore Nursing Home

This just makes me so sad. It’s just horrible to see how the poor elderly lady was abused. This was captured on camera but there may have been worse cases that went unrecorded and that gives me the shivers. I … Continue reading

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Books: Sybil

Back when I was a kid a miniseries I watched on TV about a little girl left me unable to sleep for weeks. The child was so abused by her mother that 15 other personalities emerged as a survival mechanism. … Continue reading

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This is Why We Love Michelle Chong of the Noose

The boy who has been serving in the army has expressed remorse since the incident came to light, but I wonder whether domestic helpers continue to be mistreated. This is because there is no clear definition when it comes to … Continue reading

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Russian Gymnastics School

I love to watch the Rythmic Gymnastics during the Olympics, but I never truly gave a thought to what these beautiful young girls must go through. The video is haunting and deeply melancholic.  It’s sad to see from their eyes, … Continue reading

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Cruelty Against a Poor Puppy: The Plight of Butters

Update 22 July 2010: The owner was revealed as Ms Kachan Devi and she got away with a warning from the SPCA as they found the dog relating well to her and they considered her intent as well.  Read about … Continue reading

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Workplace Bullying Can Be Worse than Sexual Harassment

Unfortunately, I can tell you from personal experience, that this is indeed true: 1. Workplace Bullying is not defined clearly the way Sexual Harassment is. There is a law protecting you if you are sexually harassed, but with workplace bullying … Continue reading

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Unreasonable Demands at Work

These are some unreasonable demands at work which a friend H shared with me: 1. Getting a work email on Friday night and expecting the completed work by Monday. (you’re indirectly expected to work on the weekends) 2. Getting a … Continue reading

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Hooray for the Slow Movement

In Singapore, I know many people who are being worked to death. The government has been recently talking about increasing productivity – like employees aren’t working hard enough already? Working long hours has become the norm and is expected by … Continue reading

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Is Your Boss a Control Freak?

I have a friend H, who doesn’t blog, but implored me to bring up this issue –  Bosses who micromanage and the toxic effect. It’s like this.  Every morning this top management ‘leader’ (workplace bully) expects H to call him … Continue reading

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Finding a Nice Boss is Like Winning the Lottery

Why are mean bosses a dime a dozen, while the nice ones are as rare as diamonds? It seems that only the aggressive power hungry individuals get to the top while the nice guys finish last.  The board doesn’t give … Continue reading

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