The Gosselin Kids: It’s a Hood Lex

I haven’t seen this show in the longest time. Used to like it when it was Jon & Kate plus 8 but never liked seeing Jon being verbally abused.

The kids are so grown up now. There’s the cutest conversation between Alexis and Leah which made me want to upload this.

The new show is called Kate plus 8. That alone seems a bit sad to me.


Another cute clip with their dad, Jon.


And I can’t get enough of the funny things they say.


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2 Responses to The Gosselin Kids: It’s a Hood Lex

  1. They are adorable! I agree that it’s a bit sad to watch. Those kids are going to have camera withdrawal when there are no more cameras! My fear is that they will crave the attention and try to get it other ways.

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