Nagging Task: Backing Up My Photos on a Hard Drive

Trying to force myself to spend some time to back up my photos. It’s one of those mind numbingly boring tasks you just know you need to do, but keep pushing aside. I always manage to find something more compelling like watching that must see YouTube video.

This urgency was prompted by the computers crashing around me. I don’t want mine to be next and the worst part is I didn’t sign up for Apple Care in time, meaning that there will be no support if my iMac crashes. It horrifies me.

And if Steve Jobs is listening – please bring a real Apple store to Singapore soon. I guess our market is small, but everyone around me seems to own an iphone or an ipad so we deserve a real store. I find the authorized dealers here provide awful service. If you’re lucky you get a nice chap who tries to help, but a lot of the time it’s bad. Really bad.

I just read that Apple has more money than the US Treasury, and that’s pretty scary.

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4 Responses to Nagging Task: Backing Up My Photos on a Hard Drive

  1. Crystal says:


    I just priced out a new Mac Book Pro…2 models newer, quad core processor, 250 gigs more memory….and 700 SGD less than what I was quoted to fix my old laptop with no discount or incentive to buy another Apple product. Wow, that’s awesome customer service!!!!

    • bookjunkie says:

      The customer service makes me wanna pull my hair out. So frustrating. And they can be so thuggish and rude too.

      So glad you got a good deal 🙂 Awesome!!! new Mac Book Pro….so exciting.

  2. Crystal says:

    On your original topic—yes it sucks (believe me, I hate it too) but as someone with a dead computer and no way to pull stuff off my hard drive, I’m kicking myself for not doing the backup when I said “I should do that” like 20 times before it crashed.

    • bookjunkie says:

      I hear you….it’s just one of those utterly tedious things. I have told myself a million times to sign up for Apple Care in time, but I didn’t and more than a year has passed. In Singapore without Apple Care the service seems to just suck.

      I just wish they could invent something where backing up files were not this tedious.

      For some reason, after the time machine thing, my computer is soooo super slow right now…..and the rainbow wheel thingy keeps showing. I turned off Time Machine and I hope that helps.

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