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Apple Store: Second Time’s a Charm

All’s well that ends well, for B. We both had the professional service Apple is known for at the MBS outlet. Should have come here in the first place. We were attended to by a cheerful tall guy of Malay … Continue reading

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We Met the equivalent of ‘The Soup Nazi’ at the Apple Store at Jewel

I usually don’t like to write these type of posts but I’m doing so cos my partner would appreciate it. Also it’s good writing practise? And you’ll get the above reference if you’re a Seinfeld fan. Just google Soup Nazi. … Continue reading

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No Need to Travel for the Authentic Stuff: Honeycomb Ice Cream

There was a time when we had to travel to Australia just to have a taste of honeycomb ice cream. Now you can get it easily at Cold Rock and I love that so many chains are here in Singapore … Continue reading

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Nagging Task: Backing Up My Photos on a Hard Drive

Trying to force myself to spend some time to back up my photos. It’s one of those mind numbingly boring tasks you just know you need to do, but keep pushing aside. I always manage to find something more compelling … Continue reading

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