Another SMRT Train Vandalised

This kind of thing is scary for passengers like me. Graffiti is fine, but thank goodness it was not anything worse. The last time the breach was at Changi Depot and this time it was at Bishan. What’s up with our security? Makes me think that privatization of transport is not good at all. The last time SMRT was fined S$50,000 for the security lapse which doesn’t seem much to me for such a big company.


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3 Responses to Another SMRT Train Vandalised

  1. C says:

    It’s interesting to see your local perspective.

    Almost every expat (including myself) on my FB feed posted an article about this with a great deal of mockery and sarcasm. In our home countries, you see more in a city block than you get in Singapore in a decade, so it seems far less shocking or scary to us.

    It’s important to be reminded that it IS a big deal here.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Yeah some of our points of view comes due to the feeling oppression and fear to say anything contradictory to the official stance, for so many years. It’s a bit hard to explain. There’s been so much social engineering that’s been going on throughout our lives.

      The MRT thing is really scary to us because of the threat of terrorism…..and we make loads of noise about it also due to the fact that our ministers get the highest salaries in the world and a whole lot of other stuff.

      I guess we as a people are quite sheltered, but I really appreciate that you understand our perspective Crystal 🙂 you understand us a lot more than most people and I think the difference is….you really make the effort to.

      • C says:

        I’m curious how much of the threat of terrorism is real and how much is government manufactured to maintain control?

        While SG is a wealthy nation, and the port is certainly valuable… wouldn’t that makes it a better target for takeover more than terrorist attack? I was questioning the value of such a committed military for such a small country and a friend was explaining to me that takeover is a real, justifiable fear (and after being walked through it, I fully agreed, although it’s tough to agree with forced military service as opposed to volunteer).

        On the flip side, I wonder how fear of attack is different from the sort of “innocence lost” some people still feel in the United States. A decade after 9/11, there are plenty of people who still can’t understand how that could happen in the US (it’s something that happens in “other” countries). It was (is? people still seem happy to give up individual rights all over the place) certainly a deep wound on our social fabric. In Singapore, if you believe that it can happen, I wonder if it would have the same sort of emotional fallout that the US has gone through?

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