3 Singapore News Items that Caught My Eye Today

I think the best way to get a feel about what life in a country is like, is to read the newspapers. If it concerns politics, I prefer to read from other sources as well. The Financial Times for instance.

1. Where Singapore Sling Meets the Arab Spring in the Financial Times, is an interesting read. Sylvia Lim (Workers’ Party) was interviewed. The article is by David Pilling and you may have to use Google to read it.

…..Ms Lim says Singaporeans recognise the value of openness. But the process has gone too fast. “We feel like we are strangers in our own place,” she says. Middle class Singaporeans cannot compete for jobs with foreign workers willing to work 14-hour shifts for lower wages…..

2. Fake Degrees
Makes me wonder about how many other fakes there are out there, although the punishment of jail, seems harsh. Although I guess it’s a deterrent, as many, if desperate enough would take the chance? It also deprives an honest person of a job. What do you think?

They were farmers and odd-job workers in China but nearly all of them produced a degree in hotel management when applying online for an employment pass here in 2010.

3. Never really got into the iPhone game, but B loved it. I am more in love with the actual real life angry bird now at Jurong Bird Park. So beautiful. There’s a whole blog dedicated to the real angry birds.

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  1. Something should be done about that fake degrees problem. This should not be tolerated since as this will also be an avenue for bigger corruption later on.

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