Grief & Healing: Fix You by Coldplay

A song that spoke to me when I was pining for my dad, was ‘Fix You’.  It was no surprise to learn that Chris Martin wrote the song for his wife after she was shattered by her father’s death. It was so completely relevant to me and I am sure anyone facing immeasurable loss.  After loss like that you’re afraid to get close to anyone.  If you’ve never heard this song before, and are feeling depressed, I truly hope it helps you too. I have always found it soothing and healing even though the powerful lyrics moves me to tears several times.

But crying is not all bad – it can be a good release and I don’t believe in keeping sad emotions in just because everyone thinks you should. I think it’s always better to let it out.  I have done too much suppressing in my youth and beyond, and it didn’t do me any good.

So if you’re reading this and bottling up everything inside, just know that it’s perfectly fine and normal to let your grief through.  You’re human. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  Especially if you’re a boy, as our society can be quite sexist. If you’re a guy and you cry when you’re sad, it’s a sign of strength. Just say, to heck with superficial macho crap.


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8 Responses to Grief & Healing: Fix You by Coldplay

  1. It is a beautiful song. Did this happen recently? I’m sorry to hear about your loss. I would be shattered in the same situation…. I just called my parents to see how they are doing after reading your post. I realized I hadn’t spoken with them in a while and I take them for granted. Thanks for your beautiful post.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Thanks so much Kaho.

      It happened some years ago so I am doing better now. At that time I never thought I would get to this point though. I am so glad that the post prompted you to call your parents soon after.

      To us our dads especially are always our superheroes…we always imagine they will be around always. I quite took mine for granted. I regret all the times I showed him my annoyance and was not as patient as I should have been. I always wish that I could just have 1 more moment….But I am also grateful that I had the best dad ever and I know for sure that he loved me, even though we didn’t say the words out loud.

  2. Julie says:

    Those were super sweet words to read. It’s what I feel in my heart but it’s so nice to have a friend confirm them for you, like you just did now.

    Also, I think sometimes a good cry is just what the doctor ordered! I know your dad loves you!

    Thanks for that.


  3. JannaTWrites says:

    I’m glad you are able to let your emotions out. I also think it is unfair that men are expected to not do this. Crying is a natural human thing – not a woman thing.

  4. Laura says:

    Well said, a beautiful piece.

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