Gobsmacked by the Moon Tonight

We were all excited when we saw the moon tonight. I have never seen it looking this huge. Reminded me of the movie Melancholia where a rogue planet collides with Earth and as it approaches it gets bigger and bigger. Yup I’m pretty morbid and it made me think of the Mayan Prophesy as well.

Let me go further. Sometimes I wish we could know our expiry date (without any illness etc.) so that we could all live life to the fullest. And I like the idea of love ones all going together and never having to miss anyone. For me that’s the scariest thought – as loved ones are so precious to me.

I couldn’t quite capture the moon. It’s the creamy white thing beside the yellow street lamp and green traffic light. But when we were looking at it with the naked eye and in three dimensions, it looked 5 times are big as the traffic light.  At first we didn’t even imagine that it was the moon. Really awe inspiring.

photo by bookjunkie

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