Taking the MRT to Holland Village

It was our first time taking the new MRT line to Holland Village. But the sad thing is, Holland Village now feels old compared to some of the new places we’ve discovered. Holland Village from my teenage days seems to be gone. It’s not so hip anymore. I don’t even know if kids used the word hip these days. Probably not.

As we emerged from the MRT at dusk, we were greeted by the sky that was the loveliest shade of blue and Wendy’s. I like Song & Song for it’s factory outlet type cheaper clothing as well.

Let me backtrack a bit and show you what it looks like before we emerged from the station – there are little shops and cafes inside too. Probably if you want to buy something take-away for a meal at home. I guess it’s convenient. Or perhaps to pick up a magazine to read on the train. I always pick 8 Days.

But if I come all the way here, I’d definitely want to pop up for more options. It’s just an escalator ride up anyway. And perhaps I could pick up a pair of S$10 pants. I once got a very good quality branded one from Song & Song at a steal.

So much less punishing to walk without the scorching sun on our backs. But the only thing you’d have to contend with is the crowds. But it’s not too bad. I think town is a lot worse.

We opted for yummy Nasi Lemak at the Katong Laksa shop.

We also finally tried out Everything With Fries that I’ll cover in the next post. Wasn’t that impressive though.

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5 Responses to Taking the MRT to Holland Village

  1. Hi,

    Nice article you have written to promote Holland Village and we are very happy that there are still many people like you who still remember Holland Village.

    The official Holland Village web site has a lot more details about what Holland Village offers, including a complete retail directory, parking facilities and how to get there – http://www.holland-village-singapore.com


    • bookjunkie says:

      that’s cool. I had no idea Holland V has an official site 🙂 Will check it out.

      guess I will always have nostalgia for the place of my teenhood 😉

  2. Yes, we also have an official Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Holland-Village-Singapore/203710233019188

    Do help us spread the news around.


  3. Meng says:

    Hi thanks for recommending song & song , my wife and I shopped there and bought lots of good stuff at dirt cheap price. Good quality track pants and tees but a little too crowded on a weekend.

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