I Don’t Like the Saying ‘New Normal’.

This term seems to have emerged during the pandemic, but a search on Wikipedia shows that it first appeared as far back as 1918.

I don’t like it at all, as I don’t like most business jargon and also because it indicates that the change (always bad) is now to be permanent.

I really don’t like how we get used to the new state of affairs with time. We almost forget how good we used to have it. But I guess that is the way we cope. I couldn’t image that wearing masks indoors would last this long in Singapore that it almost seems like a permanent thing. With Singapore being so densely packed, it just might be.

Previously before September the 11th, travel was much easier. Now there are stringent checks and restrictions. As time goes, there are more and more restrictions, but all needed in the name of safety.

With the pandemic, flying has become even more of an ordeal. I never liked it in the first place even though I love and yearn to travel to new places.

So I really hope most of this can be temporary measures rather than a permanent thing. For a while I experienced a bit of freedom in Perth where we didn’t need to wear mask indoors. I almost forgot that this was life prior to 2020.

I feel old as I am constantly longing for my carefree past.

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