My Thoughts on Inflation While Browsing at Tanglin Mall

I was attracted by the pretty florals and spotted Cath Kidston designs at Tatty Marsh when we were browsing at Tanglin Mall. It’s one of the prettiest stores I’ve seen. All a bit too expensive though and I’m sure they are much cheaper in the UK. If I pay for something it has to be both for quality and design. If it’s made of PVC, it shouldn’t cost as much as leather. Do you feel the same way? If I feel the quality doesn’t justify the price, no matter how attractive, I can’t bring myself to buy it. I would like the product to be sturdy enough and last me for a couple of years.

But I looked at everything in a rush. Perhaps I need to go again and really scrutinize the prices. But yeah, the inflation in Singapore over the last couple of years is just so scary without the corresponding increase in salaries. Prices have really been escalating, although I’ve been told that it’s worse in Australia.

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4 Responses to My Thoughts on Inflation While Browsing at Tanglin Mall

  1. Tatty marsh says:

    Hello there
    We are delighted that you visited our store in Tanglin Mall and very much appreciate your comments as customer feedback is always welcome and important to us.
    We welcome all blogging as it is the BEST way for customers and shoppers to discuss genuine experiences. We are always willing to answer any questions and we provide customer feedback cards if we are unable to answer your concerns immediately which are available at the counters.
    Regarding pricing of product and services in Singapore I can help to explain the reasons for the constant increase.
    We have this company in the UK and you are correct that the identical items are priced lower. This is due to two main areas, RENTAL and FREIGHT.
    For example – rental prices for our 1700 sq ft unit are between $35,000 – $55,000 sing dollars PER MONTH and freight is on average 12% of the cost of the item.
    If an item was being sold for $100 the deductions for rental, freight and GST will take the item to $52.70 – with further deductions of staff, utilities, damages, theft and packaging the item will total $39.00 – with the final deducting of the product from this figure the retailer will receive $11.00 profit if no discounts are given.
    Until Singapore rental prices decrease the prices will remain at these levels and smaller retails will struggle to survive as has been the case in Tanglin Mall with a high turnaround of units.
    Unfortunately Singapore rental prices for commercial and residential are increasing year on year which as a result means that both shoppers and retailers will continue to struggle.
    I hope this helps you and your followers to understand why high and rising prices are remaining


    • bookjunkie says:

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Knew that rental was quite a problem in Singapore but didn’t realize how it adds to cost. This really clarifies things. No wonder small businesses struggle so much. Also explains to me why there is such a discrepancy between the prices of products here and overseas.

      Think your store is really pretty though and hope you do well.

  2. Tabea says:

    Full marks to the Tatty Marsh people for their reply.

    However I need to point out that even in the UK, Cath Kidston is considered by many to be expensive and overpriced. I don’t know what the Singapore price is but I’m sure it’s even more expensive.

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