Why I Don’t Like Trying Out New Food Places for The First Time

I’m often disappointed. That’s why I keep going back to the same places. I found the Fish and Chips at Big Fish, Small Fish expensive too, at about S$18 including a drink, service charge taxes etc. it might be more appealing to students who get a discount.

Usually I cave when it’s crowded everywhere else and I’m just too hungry.

The fish was oily and I think fast food chain, Long John Silvers may have been cheaper and nicer. Partner remarked the fish here is frozen, not firm, and the batter tasteless. The sides are nothing like what’s shown in the menu. The Mac and cheese was shrunken with hardly any cheese. Fries? Nothing can beat McDonald’s. Everything here was just oily and over fried and we had to wait too long for our order. To think we had to pay service charge too.

Sorry I know there’s terrible inflation lately, but I don’t think we’ll be returning. Should have gone to a coffeeshop instead. More satisfying and tastier food. Plus a fraction of the cost.

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