Fully Satisfied My Peking Duck Craving at Asia Grand Restaurant (But Felt Guilty too)

The service at Asia Grand Restaurant is a lot more polite than other Chinese restaurants we’ve been to. Although I wasn’t as impressed with the Peking duck or the fresh fish this time considering the cost was S$180. The tofu dish was fantastic though. I could just eat tofu, steamed rice and cut chillies. Also looking at the spotted garupas, prawns and lobsters in the tank made me feel super guilty after the meal. It was hard to think we had one of those pink spotted garupas that was just swimming (not so happily) moments before.

But I have to admit it would be hard for me to be completely vegetarian although I do love vegetarian food. Perhaps I could do it once or twice a week but I won’t be hypocritical – it’s really hard for someone like me who loves things like bacon and fried chicken.

Somehow the peking duck I’ve had at other times (or even my first visit to Asia Grand at their older location) tasted better but it could be because then it was with a huge group and I only got one of those crepe rolls and scarcity makes everything taste so good. Also there was diminishing marginal return with each roll we had. It also got a bit cold and I recall having duck that was warm.

Couldn’t stuff myself any more. There was just too much for us to consume. I didn’t like the duck meat for the extra S$10 either. For a meal like this you need a minimum of 5 people. I think I’d prefer to go to Wan Hao, the Chinese Restaurant at Marriot Hotel, next time I have a craving. Probably in about half a year from now.


Really glad we didn’t have any lobster.


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2 Responses to Fully Satisfied My Peking Duck Craving at Asia Grand Restaurant (But Felt Guilty too)

  1. Crystal says:

    Sorry I haven’t commented in forever–been reading, but from my google reader app/on my phone it’s too hard to comment, so I’m going back to comment from my laptop this weekend!

    Some of my friends do “meatless Mondays”–but I could never be a vegetarian–I LOVE steak (and being very American in our attitudes, we usually have meat at 1-2 meals a day 7 days a week)

    • bookjunkie says:

      No worries…I totally understand..very hard to comment when I’m using the iphone (always freezes), even though I’m dying to. Often lose the comments I’ve typed.

      I think I could only do once a week perhaps…love pork ribs etc too much. My mum’s vegetarian on Fridays for religious reasons and I use to follow that as a kid.

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