Where We Used Our CDC Vouchers #12: Yakader Dum Briyani at Tekka

Been coming here for years and raving about it to relatives. Miss this a lot during the lockdown period. Back then this stall was not as famous as Allahuddin. When we first tried the Yakader chicken dum briyani, the chicken was so tender it fell off the bone. We were hooked by how tasty the rice was.

I know it’s a common refrain to say standards have dropped since, but they seem to have. I do understand that hawkers face price pressures so need to cut costs in terms of their ingredients perhaps. My partner remembers that there used to be raisins and cashews in the rice for that extra fragrance. I never thought the nearby stall Hanifa’s could possibly be competition, but it just might be.

Today the chicken was a bit dry. Portion of rice is much more generous but it costs 50 cents more than Hanifa’s at $5.50 rather than $5. Fish dum briyani is S$5.50 minus the hard boiled egg. We both feel like the egg doesn’t really go with briyani but that’s just my personal choice. Maybe people want more protein and are keeping track of macros as they say? I’m a carb addict so I don’t do that.

Also the plastic utensils here are extra flimsy so it’s a struggle to eat. To be fair though many people eat with their hands as there is a sink nearby.

Fish briyani
Chicken briyani

Having said all this it was great to use the last of the CDC Vouchers here and hawker food is always the best value and wins any restaurant hands down when you look at the taste alone and not ambience. But there is a charm and nostalgia to eating here as well. It’s a huge part of our heritage and identity.

Of course I had my favourite Teh Halia too which was the best ever. Never fails to satisfy me and often I want to get a second glass.

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