The Thing About Cars in Singapore

I’m totally not a car person. B is, so I entertained myself by taking photos when we went car window shopping. If you’ve read my blog you know about my fear of confined spaces. When B asks me about cars the only thing I care about is the roominess of the interior. Not that we can ever afford it, but I absolutely loathe sports cars with a low roof – my nightmare. Also don’t like things that are ostentatious. Nothing against well crafted things, just stuff with brand logos all over them that yell “look at me”, “look at me”.

But in terms of design I do like the VW logo. I do appreciate brands with a cool history. Heard that the after sales service sucks though. Anyway with the crazy COE prices we may have to end up taking the crowded buses and MRT. Think I’d rather stay home at peak hours if it comes to that.

Loved this yummy nail polish classic red.

Thought the matching retro dashboard was the coolest thing.

B loves cars and looking at them even if he isn’t buying. He always asks me what I like and I can say that I love toffee, camel or caramel coloured interiors. He misses being in the US where cars cost a fraction of the price. Petrol too. But in the US, a car is a necessity, otherwise it’s really hard to get around with the nearest store being a half hour or even an hour away.

Also the showroom is pretty neat with it’s iMacs. One things for sure, it’s a lot classier than other showrooms I’ve seen but somehow the sales people are all too good looking. I can imagine them selling handbags more than cars.

I do appreciate gadgets as well like GPS as I have zero sense of direction and can’t read a map to save my life.

I guess I am drawn to the Beetle as my uncles use to drive these. They seem to have so much personality. Beetles, Minis and Morris Minors. I remember those old cars from childhood. Back in the sweet old days prior to crazy million dollar HDB prices, there was no COE and I recall my dad and uncles changing cars every couple of years. This time though many in my family are preparing to go without cars or take a taxi. But with a taxi it can be hard to buy lots of groceries. Or get one when the rain is pouring down. I hear that many cabbies stay off the road during the rain. So frustrating as it once took me 2 hours to get a cab. I was almost hyperventilating as I was so late and I hate being late or keep anyone waiting.

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