Disappointment at JB Pau (Changi Village)

B was very excited. He thought he was bringing me to try the best pao ever called the Kongfu Pau from JB. He was sorely let down. The pau in question (giant one with ingrediants including egg, pork and mushroom) was not available and so we had chicken and pork paus instead which were not bad but not great. I’ve had better chicken paus at Ho Kee and better char siew paus at Crystal Jade.  We were attracted by the fact that the steamed buns were supposed to be from Johor Bahru where we have had amazing food.

But on the bright side, it was rather nice to explore Changi Village. It’s like a sleepy town. It’s where people take the bumboat rides to Pulau Ubin.

The most exciting thing at the coffeeshop was the Christmas coke. I love traditional Santa.

The service at this shop was terrible. The ladies manning the counter didn’t understand us at all. I often feel frustrated when service staff don’t understand English. I don’t mind if they are obviously making an effort but in this case we felt like we were being yelled at and it came across as abrupt and kinda bordering on rude. And so many people walked by to ask for their signature pau and it wasn’t available. And to think that there were posters of the signature pau pasted all over the wall including pictures of Bruce Lee.

Spotted a new cafe close to this coffeeshop.

Lots of coffeeshops here but it was somehow extremely stuffy that day. It was threatening to rain but it didn’t and the air was thick and saturated.

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  1. S@yahoo.com says:

    Singapore really lost the standards of its baos. It is so sad because it be very tasty and healthy. Maybe on day, it will over hamburgers.

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