Other Stuff at Ikea Tampines that Caught My Eye

I was immediately attracted to this bowl. You see, I like things made of natural materials and I have a weakness for light woods. Even for flooring at home I prefer blonde woods to dark ones like teak.

I usually hate artificial flowers but I thought that Ikea somehow made these cloth roses quite well. Their designs always appeal to me.

I almost wanted to get these bowls but the lids don’t seem to be very air-tight. But I might just cave one day as the shade of red is so hard to resist.

It’s a pity that most of the Ikea bedsheets and cloth cushion covers are of poor rough material. The designs are so pretty but so far I have wasted the bedsheets I bought from here because they were just too scratchy. So scratchy that I tossed and turned all night and even itched.

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