I’m Going to Answer Danielle’s 11 Questions

Recently I nominated some of my favourite blogs for an award and it came with a series of questions. One of the bloggers I nominated, Danielle liked the idea of the awarder answering a list of questions too (we like breaking the rules and interviews can be fun). So here goes:

1) What is your favourite thing about the place where you live?

My favourite thing hands down is that my loved ones are here. Home is wherever they are.

2) If you could be an animal, what would it be and why?

I don’t really want to be an animal because I always think they would be subject to abuse by awful humans. If I were I would want to be a pet to my cousin. I want to be as close to human as possible so I pick Chimpanzee but as a pet. Don’t want to live in the wild. You can see what a homebody I am.

3) If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life (ie. a cuisine like Thai or Italian), what would it be?

If I had to pick one cuisine I would say Indian. Would miss my super spicy curries too much if I couldn’t have it. I wanted to say Singaporean/Malaysian as that would cover an even greater range of cuisine. But is that cheating? I can’t imagine just having Indian food as I would have massive craving for Wan Tan Mee for instance. Such a dilemma as I guess we are quite spoilt in food paradise. Oh wait. But I do love American food as well. This is harder than I thought.

4) What is your one place you love so much you actually wouldn’t want to share it with people?

My home, my haven. It’s my place to escape into peace and quiet. I can only work with minimal distractions. And loud voices or noises from the TV for instance would drive me absolutely bonkers.

5) What is your favourite song and why?

This is another hard one. The first song that pops to mind is ‘Everything I Own’ by David Gates. Cried so many times to it. Was therapeutic after my father died. He wrote the song after the loss of his father and it was so powerful to me. The melody is so beautiful too.

6) Do you have any odd fears? (e.g. mine is those statue people, the ones with the metallic painted faces)

I am fearful of certain religious statues with too fierce faces. I guess it’s the unfamiliar. If the faces are kind and smiling, I am ok. I am totally creeped out by a number of the statues at Haw Par Villa for instance although I do think it’s an interesting part of our heritage.

7) What is your favourite thing you own?

The most precious thing to me are my old photo albums. But favourite I guess would be the iMac I am typing on right now. I guess I could replace it if I had the money. So perhaps I should say my domain Singapore Actually and my nightmare is that I forget to make payment and they sell my site.

8) Tell me your best joke

I am awful at this. Can never remember any jokes. But I do love when my partner does imitations. He’s really good at it and can crack me up.

9) Cats or dogs? Or something else?

I like those very fat faced fluffy Japanese cats and teddy bear like dogs. But I’ve never had a pet in my life. I would like a monkey if that was allowed. Would probably treat it like my baby and teach her or him sign language so we could communicate. But to be honest I’m not so much an animal person as I’ve never had a pet growing up so I am awkward when I relate to them. Admire people who grew up with pets and can relate to them like Dr Doolittle.

10) What small seemingly insignificant thing makes you happy?

My baby nieces flashing me one of their precious smiles. Their smiles are priceless to me. Love to see them happy.

11) What is the one “old fashioned” thing you would like to make a come back?

It’s quite an intangible thing that I long for. I miss the old atmosphere at work where employers had loyalty to their employees and there was not such thing as outsourcing. Better values seem to exist then and there was no office politics but harmony instead. Perhaps I was just lucky then. Back in the 90’s.

Danielle, I’m so glad you invited me to do this. It was a very enriching experience.

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  1. Sofia says:

    That is so nice…! And I am excited to tell you, I am almost done with my questions and answers 🙂 Thank you again for the nomination!

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