Breakfast Makes Me Sick

I love breakfast type of food like pancakes, bacon and eggs but I’m just not into eating at breakfast time. I think that sometimes nutritional theories keep changing, and what’s been determined to be good for now may turn out to be not so good later. I’d rather eat when I’m actually hungry then when the clock tells me I should eat. A scientist friend told me that once and I think it make complete sense.

I actually feel sick when I force myself to eat breakfast. Tried this regime so many times and it never works. I feel ill, lethargic etc. So I was so glad when a doctor actually told me that not everyone is the same. For some people breakfast works but for others you may just need a little time for your stomach to adjust. For me it’s at least 2 hours after I wake up and I still can’t fathom how people get hungry so soon after they wake up. Guess for me I need longer to break the fast. In the days of the cave people I am sure they didn’t eat that early. They probably needed to go out and hunt for their food or gather berries?

We are all different. Early breakfasts definitely work for some people. So sometimes I get irritated with all the new diet theories that are often debunked a couple of years later. And I get irritated when experts try to force on other people what just works for them.

My advise is, don’t starve yourself obviously, but just do what works for you. Can apply in other areas of life as well. You don’t need to follow convention.

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2 Responses to Breakfast Makes Me Sick

  1. auntyuta says:

    ‘ . . . do what works for you.’ I totally agree with this. Maybe, at what time you actually eat breakfast has a lot to do with when you normally get up. I’m usually an early riser. By the time I eat breakfast, more often than not I’ve been up already for at least two hours. Some people just have a coffee to wake them up and then rush off to work. Maybe on the way to work they grab a bite which they might eat a bit later when they start feeling a bit hungry.

    A very popular custom seems to be now to have a very late breakfast on Sundays for instance. They call it ‘brunch’, meaning the breakfast is going to be so late in the day and so rich, that they won’t need any lunch.

    • bookjunkie says:

      I wish I was an early riser and not the night owl that I am. For me it takes about 2 hours to get properly hungry too and I quite like the idea of brunch.

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