Omakase Burger: Would Return for the Root Beer Float

Quite a pleasant place and I would return for the root beer float but not the chicken burger. Felt I had wasted calories with the very oily deep fried burger and the cheesy fries. B liked the beef burger though and from other blogs I’ve read that people tend to like the beef burgers but were disappointed by the chicken one. The bun was soft and nice though. It was cool to see a family working together and I always want to root for small family businesses – but I have to be honest. I just assumed that it was the owner’s parents and sister helping out. The young lady at the food counter (I think) was really polite and sweet. You pay at the cashier and you collect your orders at the food counter.

Dripping in oil.

Wasn’t fond of this. But I did like that chilli sauce, ketchup and even pickles were freely available.

Not strong like espresso with milk that I’m used to these days but ok I guess.

Warm, pleasant decor.

Awesome light bulb feature. Love it.

You can opt to sit outside if there is no place inside.

Overall a bit too expensive as the whole meal came up to 45 bucks including a bottle of water. Just too much for fast food. Perhaps if I do return it will be for the awesome float since we don’t have an A&W restaurnt here anymore. It was expensive at S$5.50 I think but they did give you the whole can of A&W rootbeer (thank goodness not the Mug brand which I don’t like) and it’s not root beer from a dispenser. The ice cream was the soft serve type.

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10 Responses to Omakase Burger: Would Return for the Root Beer Float

  1. the beef burgers are great, just skip anything that is not beef on the menu.

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  3. star-n-crafts says:

    Had burgers and the floats for dinner. I thought it was really really over-priced as the beef patty was a small one.

  4. Henry says:

    What is the address?

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