I Hope I Can Keep this Up

Finally woke up early again and was able to do my morning walk.

Been feeling panicky lately, as I feel that with the psoriasis, it indicates that my immune system is not doing well. The steroids are not working and I have wounds on my trunk area that keep bleeding. Not a big deal, as I’m quite used to it by now. It’s like my new normal. But it would be sweet to not have my immune system attacking my healthy skin. I so miss my previously smooth unblemished skin that I took for granted.

I am determined to regain my health and keep the cancer at bay. (Although I know it doesn’t quite work like that, I want to do whatever I can) Some people say they wouldn’t trade the experience of having cancer as it’s like a gift that teaches you so much and crystallises what is truly important in life. I agree about that, but if given a choice, I’d rather not have been struck with cancer at all and the long term effects of surgery, chemo and radiation on my body. I’m so vain and I miss my old dark eyebrows.

Feeling healthier is also better for my mental state. Putting it out here to keep myself in check.

I have been successful with intermittent fasting, but it just helps me loose a little and mostly maintain my weight. But that could be also because I am not eating ‘diet’ food and just whatever I want, but less oily and fried foods. I like sandwiches with added greens best. So tasty.

I try my best not to eat past 6pm on most days. I feel so much better. No more reflux.

More than my own health, I want my mum and all my aunts and uncles to be healthy. Just praying for their wellness always.

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